Ways to Achieve a Rustic Look using Paint

Rustic style mainly concentrates on the rugged, natural beauty that emphasizes natural elements like stone, wood, and earth-inspired palette, and sturdy furnishings, which makes it welcoming and soothing. You do not need to have a Craftsman or cabin style at home to successfully achieve the rustic look. Even without dark woods or heavy furniture, you can provide the rustic vibe just by having wall hues. 

As the rustic style incarnations before usually gravitated toward a heavy look, the current trend has turned into unpretentious, light, and fresh. You should not be stuck in the current style of your home. Selecting colors that will mirror an earthy charm and sensibility can deliver a rustic factor to any property from mid-century modern and even to contemporary ones. If you are into a down-to-earth aesthetic, you should apply the tips below as you design an inviting, friendly, and warm interior: 

Palette of nature 

The color options of nature are extremely vast and wide, which includes beautiful vibrant hues like hot pink and canary yellow. The usual rustic style is applied well by selecting colors that are more muted. For instance, the best tones that match with rich mud-brown walls \would be pine green throw pillows, light, sand-colored blinds—you must search for soothing colors. If you want to relax on a Tuscan villa’s brick patio or live in a desert ranch home in Arizona, know that you can come up with that similar aesthetic by choosing a palette that features the colors of sun-baked adobe, Italian stucco, and sandstone for your ceiling and walls.  

Rick and beautiful color 

As you select your new colors for your interior painting project, you should aim to remain in a similar intensity and saturation. Less is actually more in terms of creating and achieving this look. You can opt to combine Antiquity for the ceiling color and Majolica Green on an accent wall. Also, you can achieve a darker ambiance by toning Copen Blue walls that have wheat-tinted draperies or a deep pumpkin sofa with a Homestead brown. 

There are a lot of available tones that are rustic-inspired, which can be intended in bringing in the outdoors. You can actually combine cool and warm colors for a pop of visual. For instance, Drizzling Mist can offer a soothing background to buttery linens while Rustic Oak walls can naturally be paired with robin’s egg blue furnishings. To see the best results, you make a backdrop for the painting collection you have outdoors using Hematite. If you want to achieve more contemporary home styles, you can either paint below and above a chair rail using complementary tones or select a more vivid color to act as the backdrop colorful tones for spaces that has several bookcases and woods. 

Ask for an expert’s assistance 

Once your dream house contains plenty of outdoor-inspired tones and you prefer the rustic look, now is the best time to change the colors of your interior paint. It would be better to contact a professional Grand Rapids painters to help you decide and know what to do to achieve what you want to achieve.